According to our statistics, we can reasonably pride ourselves of about ninety percent of success in Appeal’s procedure so far.

Many times, an opposition procedure leads to an Appeal, that is the very last step of Patent Examination at the EPO. When preparing an opposition, we devote a large amount of time to a thorough research among all the documents, publication and studies, in order to build a solid offensive strategy. Furthermore, an opposition based on a deep knowledge of rules of examination and Case Law of the Board of Appeal can at least reduce the aim of the competitor Patent claims or, on the other hand, maintain the broadest coverage of our Client’s patent.

We perform surveys and census on the value of intellectual property assets in order to verify and quantify its real consistency for the purpose of: acquisitions, merges, divestments and bond issues. 

Marco Serravalle shall guarantee an objective evaluation of the IP and Trademarks portfolio, as well as of the patrimonial and artistic estate, evaluating the protection strength of Patents compared to competitor’s ones. 

Technical, trade and financial surveys are paired with  Due Diligence needed to estimate the asset.

As soon as a new product is introduced or a new process developed, it is mandatory to know: IF, HOW, and HOW MUCH all this can be developed outside already existing patent protections, in order to avoid future waste of money for legal cases or Royalties.

We rebuilt the value of IP and Trademark portfolio after acquisitions and mergers, even if it had gone lost.

Variations on Companies assets variation can indeed cause the IP heritage fragmentation.

Mistakes and losses may occur also because of possible multiple ramifications which, over the time, may affect a patent, like for example the filing of one or more divisional of a patent application.

In order to draft a good Patent it is necessary to know…

In order to draft a good Patent it is necessary to know and interpret the prior art. The search and the correct interpretation of the relevant documents are undoubtedly useful to write and obtain the best Patent. It is necessary to examine the competitors’ activity in order to be aware of new trends in research and in future product development This can be reached only by a careful monitoring of the Patents literature.


Prior art: 

For relevant Patents or documents both in Italy and abroad which could prevent the grant of a patent or, over the long term, lead to an opposition or to a legal proceedings.

Freedom To Operate:

to verify the existence of Patents able to affect the marketing of a new product.

We also offer Legal assistance both transactional and in litigation in IP and Trademark fields thanks to a skilled network of Lawyers working with our office.

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