As s a young and dynamic company which can meet the Clients’ needs in time, we attend to our Customers constantly; they receive all the necessary information to fully understand all the process concerning a Patent. In this way, they are absolutely aware of the development of their invention. General legal tasks and deadline are none of their worries, as we are in charge to take care of them constantly. Serravalle is the ideal support both for big industries that already own a Patent competence, and for middle and small firms that want to enter the Patent world. 

MARCO SERRAVALLE, TRAIT-D’UNION WITH UIBM (Italian Patents and Trademarks Office) AND EPO (European Patent Office)

What we can do for you:

▪︎ Priority searches.

▪︎ Drafting and filing Patents in Italy, Europe and all over the World.

▪︎ IT, EU and World’s Prosecution.

▪︎ Patents’ monitoring.

▪︎ Freedom to operate searches and opinions.

▪︎ Oppositions and Appeals both active and passive.

▪︎ UPC (Unitary Patent Court) actions (coming soon).

▪︎ Technical translation.

▪︎ Audit and Due diligences.



Build your own future by protecting your ideas in the best possible way: rely on our long-term experience to get your project realized and protected.

Patent related services

The realization of an idea is often the last step of a long and expensive process indeed. The significant amount of money involved in research, tests, improvements make your invention deserve the right protection. 


Trademark and Design

The owner of a registered Trademark has the right to use it in order to distinguish his/her products or services; besides, he/she can prevent the use of the same.

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